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Av Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
Swedsoft invites you to the Seventh Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW). This year the conference will focus on Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning and Open Source. The workshop will take place October 17-18, 2018, at Malmö University.



STEW - General Information
The purpose of STEW is to encourage and promote cooperation between industry and academia, cooperation within industry, and cooperation with the public sector, to visualize research results and stimulate new cooperations in the area of software technology.
Transfer of results of academic research into real products or integrating them into industrial ways-of-working is one of the key challenges for both academic institutions and companies. Many companies today are often unaware of the existing research and many academic institutions have difficulties to disseminate their results within the industry.
To remedy this, the Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW) has been organized by Swedsoft to facilitate knowledge exchange and dissemination of academic results within the industry. STEW provides a forum for researchers and industry representatives to meet and learn about recent, industry-relevant research in the domain of software development. 

This year’s themes are:

  • Let the machine do the job – AI and ML in software development
  • Let us do it together – Open source in software development

Addalot will together with Sony Mobile present the handbook "Principles for Industrial Open Source". The handbook includes industry proven and standardized patterns of how to manage Industrial Open Source for complex product developement. The aim of the handbook is to guide on an Open Source Program.

Since Addalot is a sponsor of the conference, Addalot can offer a discounted rate (20%) for our network! Please use the following link.

Full program at the STEW web

Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi