Industrial Open Source

Open Source for complex product development
Av Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
How much of your system is in-house developed? Are you facing a growth of Open Source? Then this handbook on Industrial Open Source is for you!

A new wave of Open Source development being led by industrials and companies is growing with Open Source at the heart of their business. To have the slightest chance surviving in emerging business domains using technologies such as AI, Cloud and IoT, they have to use a mix of in-house, third party and Open Source software. They are moving from development to integration.

You might ask yourself how do they (dare to) do it? This is why this handbook is for you. It is about Industrial Open Source, industry proven and standardized patterns for how to manage a large-scale Open Source transformation.

The handbook will help you understand:

  • Why compliance is a necessity and and how to manage it 
  • The different aspects why contribution are vital as a way to influence 
  • How to create more business with open source

It is the sure guide on your journey in successfully transforming your organization.
Have a Safe Journey!

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Download the Handbook:
"Principles for Industrial Open Source" 
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Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi