Agile, Safety and Innovation Workshop

Synergies and tensions when best practices meet in the development of software intensive systems
Av Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
The interest for Agile development approaches has increased remarkably within industrial product development. Stemming originally from smaller scale software engineering, the approach has been adopted to larger scale development often involving software as well as hardware, frequently in conjunction with strict demands on quality and related non-functional aspects such as safety


ICES (Innovation Centre for Embedded Systems) arranged a workshop at KTH 2/10



Agile approaches have been highly influential to the software engineering practices in many organizations, and are increasingly being applied in larger companies, and for developing systems outside the pure software domain. To understand more about the current state of Agile, its applications to safety critical systems, and the consequences on innovation and large organizations, a seminar was organized by ICES and Swedsoft in Stockholm on Oct. 2 2014.


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Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi