From Guessing to Knowing: How to Become Data Driven

Av Morten Werther
Have you ever been told that something has been decided but not why? Have you seen initiatives being launched that later just disappeared without a trace? Or have you maybe experienced taking decisions based on incomplete information yourself, but never knew if they were right or wrong?

In this white paper we look at some of the common problems with our understanding of the world, learn how to improve by adding data to the process and see how this can eventually transform the way an organization is working through a Data Driven Culture.

The white paper outlines a set of keys for becoming Data Driven, e.g.:

  • Use Data to Gain Knowledge
  • The Data culture
  • The Data organization
  • The Basic Data Driven method
  • Making measurement


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"From Guessing to Knowing: How to Become Data Driven"
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Morten Werther
Morten Werther